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Family visit

So the family were over this weekend! had 23 for a bbq yesterday!! And as you can imagine it was a tiring weekend!

Everyone was very excited for me and were fussing around me,  about the baby and what sex it was going to be, and what I want to call it!!! Which I expected, but my word it takes its toll!! answering the same questions 20 times made me realise that I have no clue whether I want a girl or boy or what to name the little one!!

Also made me realise that I have such a strong support network around me, all eager to help out and get involved and that im not on my own which is reassuring.

Am absolutely shattered today, feeling well in myself otherwise, been having very strange cravings though and found myself eating things I normally despise, such as mushrooms!! haven’t been able to touch them in all my years of living and now I can’t get enough!! Oh well, stranger things have happened!

Day chilling in front of the television today I think with my feet up! Was a long weekend.



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