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Hi everyone! so this is my first blog! Have never done anything like this before but friends tell me that its a great way to share worries and concerns and joy with others!! I am 2 months pregnant and recently found out I’m going to be facing this alone. It was hard to digest initially, obviously the ideal dream is to have a happy family with your partner helping you to raise your kid, but hey, these things happen and I will learn how to deal with it and make the best possible life for my future baby!

I am a keen runner, but I am a little anxious about hurting the baby if I continue to run through pregnancy, however I am assured by my doctor, (and charlotte from sex and the city!!!) that it is perfectly ok to run as I was runner before the pregnancy. Im really pleased about this but am still going to be cautious, cut back the number of miles I am doing a day.

Im in a good mood today, feeling very positive about the pregnancy and getting very excited about my new life. I am a keen shopaholic so am attacking internet shopping in order to build up clothes and design my babys new room!!

at the moment, i dont know the sex of the baby so i think i will start with the design of the room, as Im not a fan of the stereotypical pink and blue anyway, im gonna choose a different colour anyway!

so thinks that my plan for today! start browsing through the department stores for good pieces for the babys room.

until later


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