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Family visit

So the family were over this weekend! had 23 for a bbq yesterday!! And as you can imagine it was a tiring weekend!

Everyone was very excited for me and were fussing around me,  about the baby and what sex it was going to be, and what I want to call it!!! Which I expected, but my word it takes its toll!! answering the same questions 20 times made me realise that I have no clue whether I want a girl or boy or what to name the little one!!

Also made me realise that I have such a strong support network around me, all eager to help out and get involved and that im not on my own which is reassuring.

Am absolutely shattered today, feeling well in myself otherwise, been having very strange cravings though and found myself eating things I normally despise, such as mushrooms!! haven’t been able to touch them in all my years of living and now I can’t get enough!! Oh well, stranger things have happened!

Day chilling in front of the television today I think with my feet up! Was a long weekend.




hey everyone, well everything is progressing well, been getting carried away with preparations and things!

been running to keep me busy! double checked with my doc and he said its fine to run as long as i dont exert myself too much.

also finding myself addicted to searching for the best deals for all the important baby things i need! internet shopping is amazing these days! reviews everywhere! who needs to go to the shops!

got the family over this weekend so will no doubt be getting very excited with them about the journey to come!

will update after the weekend and will no doubt have stories from the family!!



so ive got the colours sorted for the room but im getting distracted from doing anything else until the baby has a persona! so think names are next on my list!!!

for a girl ive got lisa, grace, chloe,

for a boy adam, lucas, gregory, oliver

not sure yet tho…still looking… found a great website which is helping me with my search

browsing through there for rest of day i think! xoxo

so ive been searching and searching for ideas for the little ones room and think ive decided on a fresh aqua green for the walls, will be nice and bright and cheerful for the little one, as well as being gender neutral!!! 

what do you think of this colour?



Hi everyone! so this is my first blog! Have never done anything like this before but friends tell me that its a great way to share worries and concerns and joy with others!! I am 2 months pregnant and recently found out I’m going to be facing this alone. It was hard to digest initially, obviously the ideal dream is to have a happy family with your partner helping you to raise your kid, but hey, these things happen and I will learn how to deal with it and make the best possible life for my future baby!

I am a keen runner, but I am a little anxious about hurting the baby if I continue to run through pregnancy, however I am assured by my doctor, (and charlotte from sex and the city!!!) that it is perfectly ok to run as I was runner before the pregnancy. Im really pleased about this but am still going to be cautious, cut back the number of miles I am doing a day.

Im in a good mood today, feeling very positive about the pregnancy and getting very excited about my new life. I am a keen shopaholic so am attacking internet shopping in order to build up clothes and design my babys new room!!

at the moment, i dont know the sex of the baby so i think i will start with the design of the room, as Im not a fan of the stereotypical pink and blue anyway, im gonna choose a different colour anyway!

so thinks that my plan for today! start browsing through the department stores for good pieces for the babys room.

until later